Hear What Others Have To Say

“I have known Jeff Miller for almost 20 years and find him to be one of the most professional individuals that I have ever worked with. His gentlemanly approach to relationships and project management is inspirational; he is so easy to work with that it is a pleasure to be in the same meeting with him. He genuinely cares about the people that work with and for him. I can sincerely say that the recent successful launch of the Society of Product Cost Engineering & Analytics (SPCEA) would not have happened if it was not for Jeff’s significant contribution.

In addition, Jeff is an expert in the field of electronics and cost estimating of electronic and electromechanical components as well as the respective software that goes into it. His breadth and depth of knowledge is unmatched in this field. He has helped many companies improve their cost of electronics significantly over the years. With the accelerating electrification of many products and industries, Jeff’s experience has proven invaluable.”

Chris Domanski

Senior Costing Manager, Faurecia
President, SPCEA
Author, “The Cost” and “Cost Engineering”

“It was a real pleasure working with Jeff. He helped me and my company as a whole understand the gaps we had in our electronics cost estimating process and cost modeling—especially in the areas of machine data and hourly rates for various regions of the world. His proactive and winsome approach made it extremely easy and natural to work with him. Over the course of our time together I developed a great admiration and working friendship with Jeff and I can tell that he truly cares about helping people and businesses succeed. He asked a lot of good questions and sought to thoroughly understand our needs before he presented his solution. He broke the project up into four manageable and meaningful phases that we could track progress and easily tell if the milestones were completed successfully. As a result of working with him over several months we were able to fine tune our electronics cost estimating model to become more accurate when it comes to machine data and overhead costs so that we have more confidence in our electronics cost model. Moving forward we can now select the right levers and variables to produce an accurate cost estimate based upon the region of the world to provide accurate cost estimates for quotes as well as provide should-cost data that we can challenge our suppliers with. Not only did Jeff give us a working electronics cost model but he also gave us the training and tools we needed to keep the model current and up to date. I highly recommend Jeff and I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with him.”

Nate Barker,

Electronics Engineer Supervisor and Electronics Cost Estimator, Flex-N-Gate